Deepwater            Commander

  • Our commitment is to satisfy each and every customer with the safest and strongest product in the fishing industry.      
  • The Deepwater Commander is built from Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance.
  • It's been benched tested  with over 200 lbs of static weight.  
  • The Deepwater Commander is guaranteed for the life time that you own your equipment.
  • It's the fishing handle, that attaches to the harness lugs on all deep sea reels.  The  line guide is then attached to the Foam handle. 
  • The position of the handle that is located on top of the reel, feels better ergonomically. 
  • This handle gives fishing a whole new meaning, when it comes to fighting that reel.
  • The Deepwater Commander is geared for everyone, old and young, for better leverage.  
  • This product is Patent Pending.

Deepwater            Commander

DEEPWATER                      COMMANDER

GCW Enterprise, LLC



The Ultimate Fishing Handle!!!